Lead Generation

Using email, content syndication, and a variety of other touches, we provide services to warm existing contact lists into lists of leads that internal sales teams can contact with a higher chance of conversion success.

Video Marketing

As the digital world moves and grows at warp speed, the appetite for new and engaging grows faster and faster. Yesterday photos were enough, now, the future is here and the future is video. We offer custom video animation, design, and the most cutting edge technology with videos: Personalized Videos!

Social Media Marketing

Butterfly Social leads the way in the newest, most effective, and innovative ways of marketing your business using social media and the latest, cutting edge tools, platforms, and techniques. Social media marketing can be the most cost-effective marketing you’ve ever done!

Social Media Management

With Butterfly Social managing your social media marketing, you will save time and money. Our goal is to maximize your online business potential using Content driven Social Media that works.

Professional Design

It’s important for the design to be socially engaging for the brand so you get noticed! Our designers will create that custom and engaging look you need for success.


We grow your fan base AND your email list at the same time using Facebook Applications, Ads, and promoted posts. With Facebook constantly changing, we’re ahead of the game by staying on top of the latest trends and challenges with Facebook.


We suggest capturing your name on all social media platforms, however, no one can manage every social media platform successfully, every day nor do we believe every business needs to be on all of them. Facebook purchased Instagram and we see changes that are happening with Instagram constantly. 60-second videos, Instagram Stories, and now, Instagram Live. We find Instagram to be a great platform for many brands and companies and manage this for our clients to leverage influencers and viewers.

Content & Techie Talk

With Butterfly Social creating consistent and interesting content, you will gain the trust of your audience and the Google Gods through adding new and engaging content consistently.  We know you have enough to worry about without all the geeky things that go into everything in the digital world. We take care of the techy stuff so you can focus on what you do best in your business.

What Matters Most…

We work with you to create digital content and strategies that work for your company including lead generation, personalized videos, sales funnels, landing pages, growing your email marketing list, and so much more. Want more information?